Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Setup

Here is my set up in all it's glory:
The mic is an AKG 220
M-Audio Axiom 25 controlling a Korg MS-2000R which is running though a Lexicon MX-200 reverb/effects unit
I have two Rokit KrK 6's
A Korg EA-1 as well as an ER-1
Boss Sp-202
Circuit Bent Speak and Math/ Box O' Drones (I'll post pictures later)
And a bunch of pedals and soft synths


  1. Jealous, bro.

    Got a Boss ME-70 for Christmas, but with my lunch-box amp and crappy guitar there isn't much point in having it xD

  2. Nice :D

    What kind of software you running?

  3. I use Reaper as a DAW with NI Komplete(Massive, FM8, absynth, Battery, Kontact etc.) and I have a few other soft synths Ez Drummer and Albino3.